Covid Stories…

It is clear that Covid 19 is having a profound impact on the way we live our lives and evidence is building that the secondary effects of social isolation can have as much of negative effect on people’s health and wellbeing as the virus its self.

Citizens Advice Hull and East Riding (HERCAB) are a delivery partner for our Action Towards Inclusion programme- offering vital support to unemployed people in the East Riding area.

CA is a 34 year old single man who was referred by the job centre as a long term client who hadn’t worked for several years after a relationship breakdown and the need to move back to live with his parents in an isolated seaside town.  Considerable barriers emerged slowly over the covid-19 lockdown, even though he had managed to attend a college open event and an interview had taken place just before lockdown.

CA was very anxious during lockdown and started self medicating with alcohol, not moving outside his home and also revealed considerable debt problems.

His HERCAB keyworker supported him with referrals to ATI interventions for counselling and debt advice.  Regular phone calls and WhatsApp messages, helped keep him ‘connected’ and provided a positive listening ear.  HERCAB supported and encouraged his interest in catering, enabling him to obtain the equipment and uniform needed for a catering course.

CA has now started his college course in September and has an up to date CV to use for his resumed job search.

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