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Social Return on Investment

Identifying the value of your organisation’s impact can be a real challenge. The Social Value Engine was created and developed by a partnership between Rose Regeneration and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, as part of the Volunteers for European Employment (VERSO) programme.
It is a simple yet profound programme that uses robust evidence based research to calculate the Social return on Investment value of your work.


The benefits to an organisation working in a community setting of undertaking an SROI review are clear:
  • A SROI report can demonstrate value to commissioners during discussions or bidding.
  • It allows you to evaluate the potential impact of a service or project.
  • It uses evidenced based research to support ways of working - identifying the value of your work in real financial terms.
Undertaking a review is not arduous and if you would like support in undertaking an SROI Review then we can offer flexible and cost effective support - based on your needs, time resources etc.
For more information please click here to download a pdf copy of our guide or please get in touch with Laura Harris to discuss options.
t: 01423 795300