The Innovation Fund

Funded by North Yorkshire County Council’s Health and Adult Services Directorate, the Innovation Fund is aimed at supporting the transformation of Health and Adult Social Care in North Yorkshire. By prioritising areas for transformation within adult social care, the fund will enable voluntary and community organisations to provide innovative approaches to early intervention and/or prevention projects.
North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) delivered rounds 1 and 2 of the programme, before reviewing the management and coordination of the Innovation Fund and undertaking an open and competitive tender process to allocate the management of the fund to an external organisation. Your Consortium was awarded management of the fund in December 2013.
Round 3 saw the delivery of 32 projects across North Yorkshire between August 2014 and August 2015 offering a diverse range of activities aimed at preventing, reducing and delaying participants from accessing long-term statutory support services. Of these, 14 projects were awarded additional funding through to August 2016, based on the successful achievement of their contractual targets and their progression towards project sustainability.
Round 4 builds on the successes of previous rounds, and develop a partnership of projects that closely monitor the impact of their services on the well-being and isolation of their participants and linking this to a reduced reliance on statutory support services.
Project Themes for Round 4
People are healthy
People are safe and independent
People experience social and emotional well-being
People experience economic well-being
Carers are healthy and experience wel-lbeing
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