TEWV Innovation Fund

 TEWV Innovation Fund.
Funded by Tees, Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust (TEWV) and managed by Your Consortium, the TEWV Innovation Fund aims to support innovative projects supporting individuals living with, or at risk of, mental ill health and/or learning disabilities. This project builds on the successful delivery of an original and extension partnership project that ran across 2016 - 17.
These new projects will:
- Support individual beneficiaries in achieving better mental health
- Contribute to reducing pressures on mental health system resources
The fund supports innovative projects designed to engage with beneficiaries who are in receipt of, or at risk of requiring, mental health support and contribute to reducing pressures on system resources within York and Selby. Grants of between £5,000 - £10,000 were available for organisations to apply for and project delivery project delivery will take place from Apr 2018 – March 2019.
The new delivery partnership for this new programme is:
York District
Friends of St Nicholas’ Field
New Visuality
Purple Patch Arts
The York Stars
Selby District
Making Things Happen
Selby Hands of Hope
For more information about the projects please click here...


New Visuality - Affirming Confidence Through Style and Swagger
It was great to catch up with Greg from New Visuality and the team at Blueberry Academy in York at their recent fashion show event.  The event was the culmination of workshop sessions which helped participants explore notions of style and confidence.  Their thoughts were then developed into slogans and these were produced as a range of T shirts.  Check out our new video case study here...


Selby Hands of Hope  - Using Charity Retail Experience to Increase Confidence and Combat Isolation
Selby Hands of Hope provide a range of practical support for the local community and act as a fundraising focus to provide much needed charitable help in the Selby area.  Innovation Fund support has allowed them to develop a Retail Therapy course that offers new experiences, volunteering and work experience and you can see a video case study here...


Purple Patch - Using Arts to Encourage Inclusion and Positive Mental Well - Being
Purple Patch Arts have been funded to work with adults who face a range of disability challenges  - encouraging social 'connections' and supporting positive mental well-being.  They use a range of arts based resources in a dynamic and exciting way, providing sessions that focus on countries around the world.
To see Jessica and the group in action please click here...


Making Things Happen - Improving Mental Well Being through Fitness and Exercise

This video case study for the current programme features the great work done by Josh and Chris from Making Things Happen.  Their dynamic 12 week course provides support and learning opportunities to Selby community members  - focusing on improving mental well being and tackling isolation through improvements in health, exercise and nutrition.
Check out their video here...