Why Work for Your Consortium?

We are currently recruiting for two new roles within our Action Towards Inclusion team! You may have seen our new recruitment video ’10 Reasons to Work for Your Consortium’ if you haven’t, check it out here!

As part of our recruitment campaign, we will be sharing daily interviews with staff members where they explain a bit about who they are, what they do at YCL and what they enjoy the most about their job roles.

First up today is.. Joe! 

Introduce yourself! 

Hi, I’m Joe. I’ve worked at Your Consortium almost 3 years. I’ve seen a huge amount of exciting changes in that time! I started in 2017 as a Claims Processing Assistant on Action Towards Inclusion. My role was later adapted to Programme Coordinator. If you’re successful, you’ll be working alongside me on ATI!

Why did you want to work for Your Consortium?

I knew a bit about what YCL does, and the charity focus drew me in! I’ve always wanted to do work somewhere like YCL where I could help others live great lives. I got a bit of this in my first job (literacy tutor) but none of this in my second (admin at an insurance firm). Also I was convinced by the friendly feel as soon as I went for my interview and met some of the team. It’s so different from other workplaces I’ve been in – you’ll feel this as soon as you speak to any of our great people!

What is your day to day job like?

Right now I am a coordinator for a caseload of 8 charity partners on the project, which is about a quarter of our total ATI partners. I check their monthly financial claims and the paperwork they complete for each person they work with. This means spotting any corrections needed and supporting them to make sure all forms and evidence are of the highest possible quality. Often this is a lot of puzzle-solving and joining up the dots to see how all the evidence links together, which is a fascinating process! When checking paperwork, we get a fascinating insight into the lives of the people the programme helps, and learn about the amazing things our partners can do to support them. We also often run excellent events, where partners can meet and troubleshoot solutions amongst each other and receive training from us. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of other duties on the programme too, like partner surveys online/by phone, so my days tend to be varied! My role will evolve again this year, with each ATI Coordinator becoming specialised in either claims, auditing or the participant journey.

What is your favourite thing about working for Your Consortium?

You’re allowed to be you and work in your own style. I work through things gradually but thoroughly, which is encouraged as a good thing by our managers. Even where there’s busier periods and deadlines, you know that you’re never being timed or micromanaged. The approach here is to first have an environment where you can develop as a person and be happy and interested in your work, then second to train staff in the knowledge and technical skills. I love being able to be curious about the work we do too – it’s a place where you can always ask questions. It’s a team of kind, helpful people who are a bunch of jokers too! It was hard to pick just one favourite thing!

Anything else to add?

If you join us, you’ll be coming on board at a very exciting time. We are revamping what we do, how we work and the brand that we put out into the world. You will be able to contribute to lasting changes to the future of the organisation, that see us move in exciting new directions. Hope to welcome you to the team 😊

Thanks Joe for the fab interview,  keep an eye out for more interviews over the next few days! 

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