Today is World Smile Day!

 Did you know that smiling at one person could make their day? Maybe even their whole week?
Hannah tells us her story today about why she believes smiling is important. 

‘Do you ever go for a walk and realise by the time you have returned that you have been looking at the ground the whole time? I remember having that realisation this time last year after a walk around the Stray in Harrogate with my dog Lola.

At that time, I had been feeling very anxious and had been on this walk to try and make myself feel a little bit better. Get some fresh air, get outside people tell you – that will make you feel better!

I realised on my return that it hadn’t made me feel better because I wasn’t on that walk. My body may have been doing the walking, but my mind was somewhere completely different! From that moment on I decided that any walk I go on, I will keep my head up and my eyes open.

A couple of days later I did the same walk, but I held my head up high. I looked at nature, the birds in the tree’s and the autumn leaves changing and transitioning. I noticed the twinkly lights in some of the tree’s preparing to be illuminated for Christmas in a couple of months’ times. I watched the cars pass by and listened to the noises that each engine makes.

And I smiled..

I smiled at every single person that walked past and most people smiled back. Each smile that I received my day felt a little bit brighter.  I felt the sense that my smiles had that impact too.

It reminded me that we should all be looking up, we should be taking notice of what is around us and maybe by doing those things.. we may all find the courage to smile too. ‘

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