Making Your Mark

 A recent study New Philanthropy Capital’s Money for Good UK report revealed that the British public would give £665m more to charity each year if organisations provided more information about evidence of impact and how their money is spent.
In other words, better communications with funders, members of the public or other stakeholders has the potential to transform the fortunes of your organisation.
So maybe it’s time for your organisation to reconsider your marketing resources and make sure you are making your mark.
Your Consortium offers support to small and medium sized voluntary and social sector organisations to ensure they are marketing their work as effectively as possible. We provide a flexible range of services at prices that reflect great value for money.
Here are some examples of the packages of work we undertake but please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and ideas.






Working with you to design a new website or a fundamental rebuild your website and social media platform. This would include a full training package for your staff or volunteers to ensure the resources are kept fresh and relevant with ongoing advice and support at distance for 6 months.
Cost – about three working days @ £295 per day







Production of fresh and engaging printed material with a video highlighting the great work you do and the impact that your organisation makes. Work includes professional photography, graphics and other resources that would be yours to use in the future.
Cost – about one or two working days @ £295 per day







Which decade was your logo designed in and do you have original master files that are useful for printed and on-line work? We can provide a range of graphic design solutions – ensuring you have the basic resources to keep your organisation look great.
Cost – £50 per hour or £295 per day dependent on the job


For more information about all the marketing and design work we undertake or to discuss your project please get in touch on 01423 795300 or email us here…
Want an info sheet about our provision?  Click here to download a pdf information sheet.